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'Acquisitions Incorporated: A Team In Trouble' is a top down action dungeon crawler for PC where you (and up to 3 local friends) delve deep into a dangerous dungeon as newly hired employees of Acquisitions Incorporated to save your boss's team, The A Team! Collect coins to "afford" ultimate attacks, Discover and utilize powerful loot, and Survive harsh level challenges - each with their own style and mechanics!

  • 4 New Hire team members to play as, classic (and secret) team members to unlock!
  • Unique passives, abilities, and ultimate moves that cater to different play styles.
  • A plethora of items to find that will change how you approach problems in the dungeon - some more useful than others.
  • Procedural level generation to keep levels new and challenging every time.
  • Shadow Council: Link the game to a Twitch.tv channel or set the Game's AI to change the game in real time with votes. No extra bots or plug-ins needed.  Just type '!Pleasing' or '!Wanting' in chat when it's time to vote, and the game will do the rest.
  • Passwords: Save classic A Team members from capture to unlock them
    as playable characters! Each member comes with a password, so you can quit and come back to unlock them again at any time.

Also, be sure to stay tuned to twitter.com/jbrooksdev for EXCLUSIVE PASSWORDS to content that can't be unlocked otherwise. Secret settings and characters will be revealed soon!

Thank you for playing!

To Hire Me:

NOTE: This is not an official Acq-Inc/Penny Arcade Product. 
Acquisitions Incorporated © Copyright 2019 Penny Arcade, Inc.

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AuthorJ Brooks


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Almost perfect

To borrow the words of Jerry Holkins "This is Baller Extreme".